Postgraduate Research Student Conference Awards

Information for Applicants

The student conference fund exists to offer financial support to research students presenting their research at national or international conferences. The maximum amount available is £1,000.

Eligibility criteria

In order to apply for funding you must:
• be registered for a research degree at the University of South Wales;
• have been accepted to present (orally or by poster) at the conference for which funding is sought;
• have the support of your Director of Studies;
• have shown satisfactory progress at the Annual Progress Board;

Applications demonstrating the following will be considered more favourably:

1. There is a clear rationale for the benefit to yourself and the University
2. You have attempted to obtain funding for the conference from alternative sources;
3. You have not presented at a major conference previously;
4. You have already presented your research within your Faculty or at the PGR Presentation Day.

Please note:

• Your application will be assessed on the above criteria.
• Funding cannot be applied for retrospectively.
• Applications are considered on an ad hoc basis (subject to availability).
• Please use cost effective accommodation and fares.
• If foreign currency is used, please state the exchange rate and convert the costs to pounds Sterling.
• You can normally be awarded only once out of the fund.
• Funding is not guaranteed and each application is considered on its merits.

Application process

You should complete the conference award application form and attach your abstract, documentation outlining acceptance of paper/poster for presentation and any other supporting documentation to your Director of Studies for their endorsement. The application and supporting documents should then be submitted to the Graduate Research Office. The Graduate Research Office will liaise with the relevant Research Institute Director who will consider the application and assign a rating based on the criteria listed above. You will receive written confirmation of the outcome from the Graduate Research Office as soon as a decision has been made.

Please ensure your application is submitted to the Graduate Research Office at least two months before the date of the conference.

All queries should be directed to the Graduate Research Office on (01443) 6 54269 or by email to Alison Crudgington