Who to Contact:

For advice on Graduate School and / or University Regulations please contact:

Professor Paul Roach (Head of Postgraduate Research Studies)
Email: paul.roach@southwales.ac.uk

Dr Elaine Huntley (Graduate School Manager)
Email: elaine.huntley@southwales.ac.uk
Tel: (01443) 482881

For thesis submission and examination please contact:

Sally Davies (Graduate School Examinations Officer)
Email: sally.davies@southwales.ac.uk
Tel:(01443) 482692

For Computing, Engineering and Science and Graduate School Events please contact:

Llinos Spargo (Graduate School Co-ordinator)
Email: llinos.spargo@southwales.ac.uk
Tel: 01443 483568

For Business, Humanities and Social Sciences please contact:

Alison Crudgington (Graduate School Officer)
Email: alison.crudgington@southwales.ac.uk
Tel: 01443 654269

For Creative Industries / Life Sciences and Education please contact:

Jane MacCuish (Graduate School Officer)
Email: jane.maccuish@southwales.ac.uk
Tel: 01443 482788